Flutter Gaming Innovators 2024

We are searching for the most innovative and exciting startups within the casino and entertainment space to partner with us and launch a product that appeals to a female demographic within the UK&I.

We are looking for:

  • Startups that have the potential to tap into the market opportunity within the female gaming and entertainment space.
  • Startups that have raised a seed round or more and have a clear plan to scale up.
  • Companies that operate in the UKI market and have a standalone solution.

Sky Betting and Gaming, Paddy Power, Betfair are all part of the Flutter Entertainment Group and are excited to partner with high potential startups to seize this opportunity.

We believe there is an opportunity to better serve females within the UKI casino, gaming and entertainment market. Startups should be targeting novel ways to attract customers by focusing on entertainment and simplified game types over the traditional sportsbook or iGaming experience. The solution presented should be a digital entertainment destination that focuses on helping their users to unwind, have fun, and relax.

Products that use low-cost customer acquisition tools that leverage the word of mouth would also be more desirable. Whilst startups might be able to utilise existing intellectual property from Flutter’s portfolio, we are really looking for solutions that think outside of the box and don’t just re-skin an existing product.

Solutions could target one of the following areas:

  • Casual or Free2Play games

    Fun & relaxing, startups could create an entertainment destination that provides users a space to unwind and potentially play with their friends.
  • Wild Card

    For startups that can provide interesting ideas that don’t quite fit the brief, there is also a wildcard option for companies to submit their ideas and solutions on how Flutter can create safe, entertaining experiences for our customers now and in the future.
  • Simplified arcade games & slots

    Easy to learn, difficult to master. Looking for quick to play games that are satisfying to win.
  • Interactive Entertainment

    Helping users to be part of the narrative and join in (with game shows, reality TV…) from the comfort of their own home.

The key metric for success will be what market share the Flutter X Startup partnership achieves. Preference will be given to startups that have a standalone solution that does not require significant integration.

Why focus on female gamers?


Several articles highlight why this is such an exciting opportunity:

The mobile gaming industry is seeing a significant gender shift with an increasing number of female players, with nearly half of all mobile gamers in the UK being women. Referred to as “cosy gaming,” these female-friendly games offer a more thoughtful form of escapism compared with the high octane button-bashing typically associated with male-focused games. Forbes, 2023

33% of female gamers play once or twice a day and 41% several times a day. 67% view mobile gaming as a vital source of ‘me time’. Furthermore, 60% of respondents consider gaming as fun, over 50% use it for stress relief, and 39% credit it with providing personal time. The most popular game genres among women were bubble shooters (48%), puzzle and word games (35%), and board and collapse games (32%). Female players showed a slight preference for gaming on iOS devices (54%) compared to Android (41%).PocketGamer, 2023

Women tend to discover games through social circles, with 45% learning about new games from friends or family, and 20% through social networks. For men, these figures are lower at 32% and 16% respectively. Both men and women discover new games through advertising equally. Men value completing objectives and achieving goals (55%), challenging strategic aspects (51%), player/character progression (50%), and exploring worlds and storylines (50%) in games. Women value games that are easy to quickly pick up and play (53%). The most common games played by women are Candy Crush, Super Mario, and The Sims. For men, its Call of Duty, Grand Theft Auto, and Super Mario. Newzoo, 2019

If you would like more information on what this opportunity is targeting, there are several good articles here, and here.

What is in it for the startups?

  • Opportunity for the winning startup to form a commercial partnership with Flutter and scale their solution across the UK&I market.
  • Participation in a demo day to showcase your start-up to an audience of investors, technology experts and leaders from across Flutter.
  • Access to workshops and networking with senior Flutter leadership.
  • Access to Alpha Hub Startup Support.

Process & Key Dates:

  1. Application

    When an application is submitted, it is thoroughly reviewed by the Alpha Hub team. Applications are open between the 5th February and 15th March.

    We look forward to hearing from you!

  2. 1-2-1 call with experts

    Shortlisted startups will be invited for an initial 30-minute conversation with the Alpha Hub team and judging panel over zoom. The purpose of this meeting is to learn about your startup in more detail as well as to explore what a partnership could look like.

    Calls will occur between the 8th and 10th of April.

  3. Final

    Finalists will be notified the week beginning 15th April and invited to the final which will take place on 16th May in Leeds or Dublin (TBC). Before the final, the finalists will work with the Flutter team to polish their proposal and pitch.

    Finalists will have access to workshops as well as demo and networking opportunities during the day. There will be a pitch event in the evening with Flutter’s UK&I leadership team by the end of which, a winner will be selected.

Judging Criteria

Judges will be making their assessment based on the following key criteria:
  1. Problem Fit

    Have you clearly made the case that the solution you are proposing will solve any of the challenges identified? What evidence do you have and what research have you conducted?

  2. Technological Expertise

    What is your tech solution and how have you tested it? How does your solution help meet the need of the issue you are addressing?

  3. Your credentials

    The experience and expertise of the team implementing the tech solution.

  4. Measurement & Evaluation

    How are you measuring the effectiveness of your solution and tracking the impact (real-time and potential) of it?

  5. Innovation

    How innovative is your solution and how crowded is the market with other potential businesses/solutions also seeking to have an impact in the same/similar way?

  6. Growth & Scale

    What is the long-term potential for growth?

  7. Added value

    What are the opportunities for Flutter to add value to your start-up, how can our colleagues engage to support your growth and scale?

About Flutter:

Flutter are the global sports betting, gaming and entertainment provider for over 18 million customers worldwide. We operate some of the world’s most innovative, diverse and distinctive brands, and do so in a way which is responsible and in tune with our customer’s needs.

As a company driven by technology, we understand the power that the latest innovations can have on our long-term success. We believe that if we apply the same investment and support to startups using technology for social purpose, we can help provide solutions for social and environmental challenges faced by communities around the world.

About Alpha Hub:

Alpha Hub is part of Flutter Entertainment plc – the world’s leading online sports betting and gaming company, operating some of the most innovative, diverse and distinctive brands in the sector. As Flutter’s startup partnership program, Alpha Hub helps brands within the Flutter portfolio partner with innovative start-ups to quickly solve various problems and challenges.